A historical pocket watch

The beginning of Genie’s 100-year history was an uncovered pocket watch. The watch case of fine steel, hand polished by watchmakers, ivory dial with small seconds, beautiful and practical. Classic hands. Classic elegant design, exquisite workmanship and the craftsmanship of the founder of Genie is reflected in its details.

Wrist watches in 1930

Classic leather strap, wrist, comfortable design to wear, stainless steel case, simple pure design style.

Pioneer Series Watch in 1946

Genie classic automatic wrist watch. An aesthetic philosophy behind elegant charm that interprets the essence of advanced watchmaking in exquisite details

GENIE Star-indexed watch in 1952

This GENIE watch was made of 18K gold. with 6 real diamonds lined in a star-shaped base.

Elegant Toneau series 1973

A artistic GENIE timepiece. The gentle and elegant curved watchcase shows our cycle of time.

In 2004, Genie officially entered the Chinese mainland market. in a short span of 15 years GENIE has spread all over China to become a valuable well reputed traditional Swiss brand.

Actor Chen Shu becomes Brand Ambassador for Genie in 2015

Chen Shu famous Actress in Television and Film, is loved by the audience for her superb acting skills and outstanding personality. Chen Shu’s rigorous and generous work coincided with Genie’s brand concept. GENIE is proud to present Chen Shu as our brand Ambassador.

Genie 100year Brand Ceremony in Zhuhai 2019

On November 11, 2019, the 100th anniversary of Genie watches was celebrated. The 100th anniversary GENIE COSC series watch was released on the spot. Genie Global President, senior officials, Swiss consular from Guangzhou, spokesperson Chen Shu and partners gathered together at a fantastic event.